During our lifetime we are often fortunate enough to experience many positive remarkable life changing experiences. When I met Carol Bennett several years ago she was one of the most positive changes for me, my practice and most importantly, my patients. Carol Bennett is a person that I am proud to have met and known for several years. She has a perceptive grasp of exactly what is causing the deteriorating health of our pets and the most non-invasive natural means of correcting this devastating situation. Carol’s level of knowledge and understanding of how to remedy the health challenges of our animal friends is absolutely second to none. Through my own personal application of what Carol teaches and practices at my animal hospital, I have found what she teaches is an invaluable tool. No one should be without these tools and I admire Carol for sharing her knowledge with all of us. Thank you Carol for what you have done for me and my patients!

Dr. Cheryl Peterein, D.V.M.