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Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM, developed and internationally taught by Carol Bennett, was endorsed and certified by The Bowen Academy of Australia as the Official Bowen for animals in the U.S from 1997-2005. This video is a perfect supplement to her more in depth Level One Course. Here, Carol, also a Human Bowen therapist, takes the basic core of work for her Level One Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM Course and condenses it to a highly effective presentation which is packed with practical advice and hands-on demonstrations. It is great for the beginner who wishes to improve the quality of life for their companion animals, an introduction to her course work, as well as the perfect review for Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM students.

The intent of this film is not to replace course work and does not contribute to Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen Certification. The information presented on this video/DVD is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.


Stress held anywhere in the body diminishes the whole being. Reducing physical and mental stress should be our goal, so that our animals can function and perform well. Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM has shown itself consistently to be safe, effective and a superb tool for achieving that goal.
Carol Bennett

I’ve been using Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM in my practice for the last four years and I find it to be one of the most effective and rewarding therapies I can offer my patients. It has profound beneficial effects on the body, nervous system and emotions.
Lynn Peck, D.V.M., M.S.

Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM is something I recommend for everyone to learn, veterinarians, body workers, and those who want their pet at home to feel better.
Madalyn Ward, D.V.M., past president of The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association 2003/2004

I find an especially good use for Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM is, it is something I can use immediately and actually gain the animals trust. It is simply done and is an effective technique to release tension.
Don Moore, D.V.M.

I am so excited about this video. I have had competition dogs (agility, conformation and obedience) for over 17 years. Since they are athletes, caring for their bodies has always been very important. When I found Touch Balancing/Animal BowenTM, I realized what a difference it made in their performance. Having the video will allow me to play it over and over and follow along to do the moves, and know I am doing it correctly. I am thrilled and can’t thank you enough.
Sincerely, Lynne Fickett (p.s. The kids thank you too.)



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With the purchase of this DVD you are entitled to a $20.00 rebate for Level One Course with proof of purchase.

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