Although it has been 2 years since Carol introduced me to Animal Bowen™ Touch Balancing, I feel that I have hardly scratched the surface of its usefulness in working with animals. I am now using it on most of the animals in my practice- sometimes as a primary therapy, sometimes as an adjunct- and I continue to be amazed and just shake my head in wonder (and disbelief ) at the results. How does one explain biomechanically that a dog with a ruptured cruciate ligament walks out on all 4 legs minutes after a Bowen treatment, after being 3-legged lame for 2 weeks? This is a profound therapy! I am delighted at the opportunity to be teaching with Carol, and I look forward to sharing Bowen with others. I know that along the way my eyes, too, will be opened even more to the many applications for healing that it offers.

Lynn S. Peck, D.V.M., M.S.