Anyone with a desire to apply complementary therapies for animals to facilitate

  • The body’s natural healing responses
  • Well-being
  • Performance Enhancement


LEVEL ONE: Will teach students the basic procedures, their application, and the assessment of appropriate procedures for the holistic health care of animals.

LEVEL TWO: Will teach students how to apply the basic procedures to different species, additional procedures for the extremities, integration of all the procedures for all species, and the value of nutrition in relationship to function.

Hands on experience, full course manual provided.
Certification will be given upon successful completion of the training and presentation of case studies.

LEVEL THREE: Veterinarian Practitioner Certification; call Carol Bennett direct at 1-970-259-4629 for certification criteria.


To impart the philosophy of the Animal Bowen™ Touch Balancing/Bowen Technique

To describe and demonstrate the application of the procedures for low back, mid back, upper back, neck and shoulders (level one), stifle, knee, kidney, respiratory system, pelvic, sacral, hamstring, upper respiratory and TMJ (level two).

To Demonstrate skills used.

To demonstrate how to assess the value of a procedure with relationship to specific health challenges for the purpose of assisting the animal’s natural healing responses.

To impart the value and necessity of nutrition in relationship to health and function.

To provide on-going support through conference calls.


Carol Bennett, B.T., A.N.A., C.A.B.I.
Lynn Peck, D.V.M., M.S.

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